menetalk package


Starting from


/ seat/month(exc VAT)

Suitable for a start-up business.

Free call min 150 Min/Month.
Call recording.
Call queue.
Voice mail.
IVR call menus.


Starting from


/ seat/month(exc VAT)

Suitable for business with nationwide clients.

Free call min 300 Min/Month.
Call recording.
Call queue.
Voice mail.
IVR call menus.


Starting from


/ seat/month(exc VAT)

Suitable for business with international clients

Free call min 500 Min/Month.
Call recording.
Call queue.
Voice mail.
IVR call menus.

As a white-label reseller, offering a telephony service package to business customers provides several benefits and opportunities.

Increase Revenue Streams

By reselling telephony services, you can generate additional revenue streams for your business. The package’s seat/month pricing, excluding VAT, enables you to charge customers for each user or seat they require, providing a recurring income source.

Expand Your Service Portfolio

By offering a telephony service package as a white-label reseller, you can expand your range of services and provide your business customers with a comprehensive communication solution. This allows you to cater to their diverse needs and establish yourself as a one-stop shop for their business requirements.

Voice Mail

Voice mail enables businesses to capture important messages when they are unavailable or during non-business hours. This feature ensures that no critical communication is missed, allowing businesses to respond promptly to customer inquiries.

Call Recording

Including call recording in the package allows businesses to maintain records of their conversations for quality assurance, compliance, and training purposes. This feature ensures that businesses can monitor and improve their customer interactions.

Cost-Effective Solution

The telephony service package offers excellent value for money to your business customers. With free call minutes of 1000 minutes per month, they can enjoy cost savings on their phone bills while benefiting from a range of essential features.

Call Queue

The call queue feature helps businesses manage high call volumes efficiently. Callers are placed in a queue and connected to available representatives in the order they called, reducing wait times and improving customer satisfaction.

IVR Call Menus

IVR call menus to provide businesses with an interactive and efficient way to route callers to the appropriate departments or information. This feature enhances the customer experience, reduces call transfer errors, and improves overall call-handling efficiency.

As a white-label reseller, offer cost-effective telephony solutions to businesses. Enhance communication and diversify your services, boosting revenue and forging long-term partnerships with those seeking reliable telephony services.


One additional feature of the telephony service provided by La-mene is the ability to receive SMS texts and emails with call messages immediately after the call has been handled. Here’s an explanation of the benefits from a white-label perspective and how it impacts the speed, efficiency, and delivery of calls to the business:
Real-Time Message Delivery
By receiving SMS texts and emails with call messages in real-time, businesses can stay updated on important call details promptly. This ensures that businesses can respond swiftly to customer inquiries, address urgent matters, and provide timely follow-ups.
Seamless Collaboration
The SMS text and email message delivery feature fosters seamless collaboration within the business. Team members can easily access call messages, enabling them to coordinate their efforts and provide consistent and well-informed responses to customers. This collaborative approach improves overall customer satisfaction and reduces response time.
Documentation and Record-Keeping
The immediate delivery of call messages through SMS texts and emails facilitates accurate documentation and record-keeping. Businesses can easily refer back to the call details, ensuring proper tracking of customer interactions, follow-ups, and any necessary documentation for future reference or compliance purposes.
Enhanced Communication Efficiency
With immediate message delivery, businesses can access call information without delay. This enables them to quickly understand the nature of the call, the customer’s requirements, and any specific actions that need to be taken. This enhanced efficiency helps businesses provide more effective and timely customer service.
Mobile Accessibility
As the messages are sent via SMS and email, businesses can receive call notifications on their mobile devices. This allows them to stay connected and responsive even when they are away from their desks. Mobile accessibility ensures that no important calls or messages are missed, improving customer service and business responsiveness.
White Label Advantage
From a white label perspective, offering this feature as part of the telephony service enhances the value proposition for your business customers. They can enjoy the benefits of real-time message delivery without having to invest in additional infrastructure or development. This feature reinforces your brand as a reliable and efficient communication solution provider.
By providing SMS text and email message delivery features, La-mene  Telephony service ensures that businesses can receive call messages immediately, improving speed, efficiency, and the overall delivery of calls. It enables businesses to respond promptly to customer inquiries, collaborate effectively, and provide exceptional customer service, ultimately enhancing their reputation and customer satisfaction.

Other Features & Benefits to offering your Company as a Reception Service for clients

As a business offering virtual receptionist services with the ability to work anywhere, anytime, and utilizing a pay-as-you-go system, there are unique selling points (USPs) and benefits that set you apart. Here’s an explanation of these USPs and their advantages:
Flexible Work Environment
By operating as a virtual receptionist business, you have the flexibility to work from any location, whether it’s from home, a coworking space, or while traveling. This flexibility allows you to create a work environment that suits your lifestyle and preferences, promoting work-life balance and increasing job satisfaction.
Multi-Line Capability
As a virtual receptionist service, you can offer businesses the advantage of handling multiple lines simultaneously. This means that businesses can receive and manage multiple calls concurrently, ensuring efficient call handling and minimizing the chances of missed calls or long wait times for customers.
Cost Savings
By offering virtual receptionist services, businesses can save on costs associated with hiring full-time in-house receptionists. With a Pay-as-you-go system, businesses only pay for the receptionist services they utilize, eliminating the need for fixed salaries, benefits, office space, and equipment expenses. These cost savings can significantly impact a business’s bottom line.
Focus on Core Business Activities
By outsourcing receptionist duties to your virtual receptionist service, businesses can free up their time and resources to focus on core activities that drive their business forward. This includes strategic planning, sales and marketing, product development, and customer relationship management. The ability to delegate receptionist tasks allows businesses to allocate their resources effectively and concentrate on areas that directly impact their growth and success.
Pay-as-You-Go System
Offering a Pay-as-You-Go system provides businesses with the flexibility to pay only for the receptionist services they require. This cost-effective pricing model ensures that businesses can align their expenses with their actual usage, avoiding unnecessary fixed costs and maximizing budget efficiency.
Scalability and Resource Flexibility
With the ability to recruit extra staff as needed, your business can easily scale up or down based on customer demand. During peak periods, such as high call volumes or busy seasons, you can quickly onboard additional virtual receptionists to handle the workload effectively. This scalability ensures optimal resource utilization and enhances customer service levels.
Professional Image
As a virtual receptionist service, you provide businesses with professional call handling, enhancing their brand image and customer perception. With well-trained receptionists managing calls promptly and professionally, businesses can establish a strong and polished impression, building customer trust and loyalty.
In summary, the USPs and benefits of your virtual receptionist business lie in the flexibility of working anywhere, the pay-as-you-go system, multi-line capability, scalability, cost savings, professional image, and the ability for businesses to focus on their core activities. These advantages position your business as a reliable and efficient solution, enabling businesses to optimize their receptionist services and improve their overall operations.

Business phone system Features

Call forwarding & routing

Call transfer

Call analytics

IVR call menus

Dial by extension

Call Queuing


Local Numbers

Mobile Numbers

Toll-free Numbers

International Numbers


Real-time Call Analytic
Monitor your spend real-time and be on top of your bills.
Nationwide Phone Numbers
Select your local number from our 450+ area codes.
International Phone Numbers
Expand your business presence to any of the 77+ countries serve.
Dynamic Call Routing Rules
Dynamic rule-setting to route your calls internally or externally.
Call Forward
Expand your business presence to any of the 77+ countries serve.
Roles and Permissions
Manage your team’s communication needs with the right level of access permissions.
Roles and Permissions
Set up departments and groups to handle calls based on your team’s skills.
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